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Videos- Mayo Clinic Transformation Symposium

I’m deeply interested in heath care design. I think this is one of the areas that badly needs reform. But I’m confident that reform will come sooner than later simply because of the attention that this area is getting from some of the brightest minds in design. In the last few months we’ve seen many new books on the subject, Designing Care by Richard Bohmer is just one of them. Rosenfeld Media is working on another, Designing for Care with Peter Jones that should be out sometime next year.

Last week the Mayo Clinic hosted a symposium on innovations in health care experience and delivery. I’m watching the videos right now. The speakers include the likes of Tim Brown of Ideo and Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School. The topics include the need for richer conversations to design thinking to innovation.

So it seems like the forces are coming together and the conversations have started. Health care is up for reform!

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