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Teaching as performance

This First Monday article continues the debate on knowledge as a thing vs. knowledge as performance. The author beautifully captures the futility of trying to textualize everything:

"Despite this centuries–long trend, however, upper–end management skill has tended to remain in the realm of the interpersonal and of instinctive know–how. In this realm, information technologies have tended not to function as automating technologies, extracting human knowledge and enshrining it in more or less "expert" systems. Instead they have functioned as what Zuboff calls "informating" technologies. Informating technologies feed ever richer streams of data to human beings who still cannot fully explain their ability to sort, manage and manipulate this knowledge for managerial purposes. Managers perform their duties every day in ways that can’t be fully captured in text."

The author also explores this tension in relation to online courses and explains the pressures of balancing one with the other.

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