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AACE-APC: The Role of Different

AACE-APC: The Role of Different Media in Designing Learning Environments
As a broader array of communication tools is developed, designers of learning environments need a better understanding of what kinds of communication each medium is best suited for. Each of the new media have different affordances and constraints. One of our principles for the design of learning environments is "sender unto each medium what it does best. This paper is an attempt to state some of what we know about what different media are good for.

Technos: Technology in Education: The

Technos: Technology in Education: The Boom Is Behind Us
What is becoming clear is that we are experiencing d

New Media: It’s The Content

New Media: It's The Content Management, Stupid
It's remarkable that given how much we know about library science, and how available digital asset management systems are, that most companies continue to store their content in scattered folders or on local hard disks with no catalog system...A combination of good process decisions and strong software to support and automate parts of the process can save even mid-sized companies thousands of dollars a day.

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