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Sketching on the iPhone

Something to drool over this Lunar New Year.

The Joy of Sketch : explorations in hand-crafted visuals

An inspirational article by Kate Rutter. She writes on the use of hand drawn visuals to capture or think-through ideas. Kate also mentions Mark Baskinger, who has written a good primer on sketching for ideas.

How to be a UX Team of One

The title does not do justice to this presentation by Leah Buley. I intentionally skipped the link several times, thinking it would be another regurgitation of obvious ideas. I viewed it only after my colleague posted it on our internal blog. And yes, it's a very good presentation about techniques of brainstorming for ideas and how to go about them. Leah emphasizes a lot on sketching, something I've personally taken up passionately. She also talks about the 'diamond' technique (she does not use the name though) brainstorming process -- first start with divergent ideas, then after analysis, start to converge on possible solutions.

The Fine Art of Wireframes

Scott Stromberg writes on sketching and wireframing. Cool stuff.

"I find that there is something gratifying about taking a pen in hand and working an idea out on paper. The use of pen and paper often forces me to slow down and really contemplate the elements of my design. It was the ongoing pursuit of thoughtful design that originally attracted me to the world of Information Architecture. I have always been somewhat hesitant about rushing to the computer without taking enough time to truly contemplate a proposed design direction."

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