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Reflections from KM World 09

I had a wonderful 3 days at KM World 09 in San Jose. Much of the enthusiasm was in meeting friends. I’ve known Thomas Vander Wal, for instance, only by his blog and so it was good to put a face to all those entries.

I made some new friends as well. These were the winners at the Intranet Innovation Awards. Thanks to James Robertson for making this happen.

Patrick Lambe, James Robertson, Thomas Vander Wal
(Patrick Lambe, James Robertson, Thomas Vander Wal)

As for the conference sessions themselves there were some good sessions and some not-so-good sessions, as it is to be expected in any conference. Here are my takeaways from the sessions.

I’ve not described much of the other sessions and presentations. The KM blog has got more content in this area. You can also read the tweets on the conference.

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