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Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon:

Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon: The Concrete Aspects of Information Architecture The four main deliverables of an information architect are User Scenarios, Webmaps, Interaction Flows and Storyboards. Storyboards show all the details of a site, flows show the functionality, webmaps show navigational and informational hierarchy, and user scenarios show user personas achieving their goals via the site.

Wiley Textbook: Interaction Design Sample

Wiley Textbook: Interaction Design Sample Chapters: - What is Interaction Design? - Process of Interaction Design.

Fawcette.com: Extreme Programming vs. Interaction

Fawcette.com: Extreme Programming vs. Interaction Design
Kent Beck is known as the father of "extreme programming," a process created to help developers design and build software that effectively meets user expectations. Alan Cooper is the prime proponent of interaction design, a process with similar goals but different methodology. We brought these two visionaries together to compare philosophies, looking for points of consensus

Cooper Interaction Design: Whole lotta

Cooper Interaction Design: Whole lotta thwarting going on
When building a content-management system, it's essential that it not only look good on paper, but that it avoids institutionalizing any dysfunctional dynamics in the organization as well. The best way to do that is to model the system ahead of time with organizational and individual personas, whose goals will determine the shape of the system. Only in this way can we stop thwarting one another.

Cooper Interaction Design: Navigating isn’t

Cooper Interaction Design: Navigating isn't fun
The artless Websites created during the Web's infancy were of necessity built only with simple HTML tags, and were forced to divide up their functionality and content into a maze (a web?) of separate pages. This made a navigation scheme an unavoidable component of any Website design, and of course, a clear, visually arresting navigation scheme was better than an obscure or hidden one. But many Web designers have incorrectly deduced from this that users want navigation schemes. Actually, they'd be happy if there were no navigation at all.

UIWeb: Interactionary - Sports for

UIWeb: Interactionary - Sports for design training and team building (via webword)
This is an experiment in design education.

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