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Research Ethics Guidebook

“The Research Ethics Guidebook is designed as a resource for social science researchers - those early in their careers, as well as more experienced colleagues.  It aims to help you find your way through the variety of regulatory processes and procedures that can apply to social science research - signposting you to more detailed information along the way, and acting as a prompt for reflection and questioning at all stages of the research process.”

The Ethnography of Design: A Series

New series on Ethnography by Catapult Design:

This post is the first in a weekly series called “The Ethnography of Design” about the relationship between anthropology and design and how the ethnographer’s toolkit can be applied to build more effective world-changing, problem-solving products and systems. Each post in the series will be paired with – and will explore – a video or article that highlights an innovative design solution or product that has taken into account (successfully or unsuccessfully – and why) ethnographic research methods and human-centered design thinking frameworks.

Human behavior: the key to future tech developments

CNN reports on the increasing awareness and demand for digital ethnography education.

“As trained observers of how people in a society live, ethnographers can help companies figure out what people need and then work with designers to meet those needs with new (or more often tweaked) products and services. In a world in which ever more people are using technology products on a daily basis, such skills are increasingly in demand.”

Understanding collaborative work through enthnography

Andy Crabtree explains why ethnography is apt for analyzing workplace practices and collaborative work and how the findings can help build better and more effective IT systems. Nothing new here but he explains the process and the benefits more clearly.

Ethnography and Anthropology in the Media

Here's a list of corporate ethnography and anthropology articles mentioned in the media. This type of research, as covered by the articles, has been made popular by product design and marketing and branding firms. But I see these disciplines also being part of serious KM related work. Dave Snowden is a proponent of such work. Dave Snowden is a proponent of such work. Btw, Dave Snowden has left IBM and is now concentrating on his new venture -- The Cynefin Centre.

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