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WIRED: Flash: Blogging Goes Corporate

WIRED: Flash: Blogging Goes Corporate
Not only has the company started to tailor its software to the needs of people who run their own weblogs, but it's also dived headlong into the much-hyped "blogosphere" itself, setting up its own weblogs as a way to nurture ties with its customers.

Learning CIrcuits: Blogs Blog stands

Learning CIrcuits: Blogs
Blog stands for Web-log, an informal personal Website. Thousands of people blog every day. (Blog is both a noun and a verb.) I

Business 2.0: Weblogs Make the

Business 2.0: Weblogs Make the Web Work for You
In time most weblogs will probably disappear. Like Tamagotchis, many are just techie toys that confer some short-term prestige but require lots of care and feeding over the long run. Weblogs that aren't updated every day quickly lose their audiences; keeping your blog fresh and relevant takes a lot of work.... But within specific niches, some weblogs will continue to attract large, highly focused audiences, thanks to the thoroughness of their coverage or the strong personalities of their authors. That means your morning reading may soon include a few weblogs along with the New York Times and Wall Street Journal -- if it doesn't already.

Dallas News: Weblogs give fast

Dallas News: Weblogs give fast man-in-street reports of disaster
When information was incorrect, readers were quick to right it. "What we have here is instant correction," Slashdot's Mr. Miller said this week. "We have thousands of fact-checkers. We're not trying to compete with The New York Times. Our discussion boards are just better than theirs."

Berkeley Computing & Communications: Weblogging:

Berkeley Computing & Communications: Weblogging: Another kind of website
Lloyd Nebres works for UC Berkeley's Academic Talent Development Program. For several years he has taught a summer course for high school students called The Internet Classroom... For his summer 2000 course Lloyd decided to introduce weblogging using Userland's Editthispage as weblog host. Little did Lloyd know that this would turn into a thriving community of 20-some regularly blogging high school students beyond the summer and throughout the past school year, with students introducing other friends to blogging, gradually leading to the involvement of peers, relatives, siblings, friends, and other adults. Since May 2000 Lloyd has flipped his blog daily, referring to and commenting on student blogs, posing questions and writing prompts, weaving together themes from various weblogs, and carefully pushing and pulling at the students to foster critical thinking and thoughtful writing.

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