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Strategy+Business: The Tyranny of “Community”

Strategy+Business: The Tyranny of "Community"
In the midst of an ever increasing hype around community and social software, I find this Art Kleiner classic (year 2000) to be a calming read...
"If there is a sustainable way for corporations to embrace community, it starts, paradoxically, with the understanding that companies can never be communities themselves. People expect that a community will be committed to them, nurturing them and responding to their needs wholeheartedly. Corporations can't make that kind of commitment. They are too tied to special interests: the major stockholders, chief executives, and other "core groups" who must be satisfied by every corporate decision. Any company that pays its top executives more than, say, 25 times what its lowest-level people make will have a hard time casting itself credibly as a "community.""

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