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Ross Dawson on Web2.0 and KM

I'm at an IKMS session, listening to Ross Dawson talk about Web2.0 and KM. Here are the main points:

Interesting slide on how the value of the economy has increased dramatically over the years but the actual weight of products created has only marginally increased. Knowledge and services make up for the difference.

Web2.0 is about participation. In the past, we were cast as passive consumers, but now we are becoming active producers. In this way, Web2.0 is a social revolution.

The real turning point for this social revolution was Blogger and other free blogging platforms.

All this participation also results in a coherent structure or output, for example, a wikipedia article.

There is also a bit of exhibitionism in all these environments. We like to say and broadcast what we do and think.

Facebook is popular because it created a platform that enables anyone to create applications.

IBM's QEDWiki is a tool that allows brining together different applications and content. Gartner predicts (arguable) that IT budgets are going to fall over the years because of such new tools.

Knowledge management is more like media management. Its constructive to think about the merging of social media and mainstream media.

Because we are so busy, media is becoming shorter. Things are getting more and more concise.

It is essential that the human interactions be designed and understood to be better enabled (social network analysis).

Energy is the primary driver in social networks.

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