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Redesign in progress

Redesign in progress: I'm changing the markup of many pages on elearningpost to make it compliant with current standards: Transitional XHTML 1.0 for markup; CSS for layout; and DOM for behavior.

For example, the two-column layout is not done with tables but with CSS. Most of the crappy layout tags in HTML (b, i, font, etc.) are removed. Instead the structural markup tags are used (strong, em, h1, p, div, etc.). All presentation is done by CSS.

The immediate benefits are
  1. pages are 30% leaner
  2. easy to maintain and change
  3. compliant across browsers

Also, I'm also trying to make all pages accessible. I've started with some alt tags and skip navigation elements on all index pages.

The transition would take a few days more, but more importantly it is the transition to a new way of authoring that will take more time. Using valid markups, writing for structure not presentation, providing titles for links, alt for images, etc. would take some time to master.

Why this sudden fascination with web standards? I picked up Jeffrey Zeldman's book, Designing with Web Standards.

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