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Planet PDF: Adobe’s Robert McDaniels responds (again) to Nielsen criticisms of PDF

Planet PDF: Adobe's Robert McDaniels responds (again) to Nielsen criticisms of PDF

"Many of the "PDF Usability Crimes" you cite have nothing to do with Acrobat or PDF but are the result of poor design choices. Most of same arguments about poor navigation, large file sizes, and excessive text blocks can be used to describe poorly designed HTML as well. There are some very valid reasons for using PDF's online as opposed to HTML."

This rebuttal is targeted at Jakob Nielsen's declaration that PDF is "unfit for human consumption".

Most PDFs I receive are just snapshots of print articles. These are definitely unfit for online consumption. But I guess these were not intended for that. I know companies that use PDFs solely for packaging purposes. They find it awkward to sell, say a report, in HTML. This makes sense. It gives customers a sense of ownership. Rather than having something they paid for "out there", they have it with them -- in a format "portable" enough to be shared with their friends!

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