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iPrepNS is our latest project. It is a website with information to help pre-enlistees and their parents better prepare for Singapore National Service. It was officially launched by the Minister of Defense (Singapore) yesterday. It was a challenging project as we had present the formalities National Service in Singapore -- from the process to the procedures to what really happens during camp training -- and make it more transparent and accessible to the target audience.

The target audience are male teenagers (Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents) who are coming face to face with National Service for the first time and who are about to spend the next 2 years of their lives in the system. Much of National Service is about training, but there are many changes that take place during this period, both physical and psychological. We had to present all of this and more in a style that would relate to the target audience.

We undertook an extensive research phase that took us from document and media analysis to interviews with pre-enlistees and their parents to observing the system at work from the ground level. We spent much of our time in the camps, looking at training events, observing the physical and psychological strains on the recruits and talking with the people who are in charge on the ground.

There is much more to the design from content analysis to copywriting to branding, which we'll publish later as an in-depth case study.

From a technical point of view, we tried to be as compliant to Web Standards as possible, using sIFR, CSS and valid XHTML. Using Flash for critical elements, especially the masthead story, was the part that gave us the big problems.

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