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Introducing Insightico!

We launched a new webapp called Insightico. This online application helps you use and reuse your research data.

How many times have you gone back to those interview recordings that you so carefully planned at the start of the project? Or those snapshots you took when surveying how people work? I’ve spoken to many people in the business and they usually say “never”. In fact, some of the interviews we did for past projects are still in the audio recorder!

We want to go back to research, but the problem is that it is a painful process trying to locate that 15 second clip where you saw something interesting.

Insightico addresses this gap by enabling you to add your insights to specific parts of images, documents, audio or video files.

Say you are viewing a 30 min audio interview. You hear something interesting, now instead of noting what you heard and the timestamp on a sticky note, you can just select the part of the audio file and directly add your insights to it. Yes, you can tag your insights as well. Repeat the process with all your research data and now you have an inventory of insights but all connected to the relevant bits in the sources. This inventory along with the tags gives a good picture of the research findings.

The most important feature of Insightico—you can do all of this collaboratively with your team.

Check Insightico out by signing up for the beta.

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