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Intranet launch - wonderful example

The ThoughtFarmer bloggers have posted a wonderful case study on how to launch an Enterprise 2.0 type intranet. The launch of the Penn Sate intranet was planned an executed in 7 weeks. It's just neat how they managed to put that many activities together. Wonderful stuff.

They put together a goal statement:
The intranet will engage employees to connect across Outreach with peer, management, and leadership, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing. These connections will provide greater service to our learners, our communities, and each other.

They put up huge posters in elevators and at a cultural & professional development event.

They 'leaked' a video showing a feature of the new intranet.

They released an audio message from the vice president.

They solicited campus-wide for volunteers for a "super exclusive project" and ran a 20-person pilot.

They held a barnraising.

And all of this happened in 7 weeks.

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