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elearningpost: Going the “Simulation Way”: Q&A with Clark Aldrich

elearningpost: Going the "Simulation Way": Q&A with Clark Aldrich

E-learning has a special kind of love for simulations. It's not the head-over-heels, holding-hands variety, but the "Intolerable Cruelty" type of awe, respect and admiration variety, where the love is in the tension of the interaction. And all the audience (learners in our case) wants is for them to "just do it."

Clark Aldrich has done just that. He's gone ahead and created a leadership simulation, Virtual Leader, and written a book, Simulations and the Future of Learning, to share his experiences in creating the simulation and to offer a roadmap for those interested in going the "simulation way."

Having read his book and gone through Virtual Leader, I'm beginning to fully appreciate the value of simulations, and more importantly, the thrill of learning.

Here's a Q&A with Clark that focuses on getting detailed insights for going the simulation way.

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