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Denham Grey: Mapping knowledge

Denham Grey: Mapping knowledge

Denham Grey is sparking some interesting conversations at his blog, knowledge-at-work. The Knowledge Mapping piece strikes a chord with my own beliefs about "immersion"...

To appreciate knowledge gaps, you need to understand the personal networks and work context - This is impossible to get via a survey - it requires immersion

I recently took part in a sharing session at the E-learning Competency Center in Singapore. I tried to emphasize the need for Instructional Designers (I think 'Learning Designers' is a more fitting title) to do more "elicitation" during the analysis phase -- meaning that we should spend more time doing some first-hand information gathering and analysis rather than just repurposing raw PowerPoints and Word documents (second-hand material). I drew upon work done by David Snowden and Gary Klein on the difference between 'complex' and 'complicated' phenomena -- complicated acts can be analyzed piecemeal but complex acts like learning have to be experienced holistically.
Click here to view a recorded webcast of my presentation. (The second part of my presentation is about linking visual journalism to instructional design).

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