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Communication dynamics: Discussion boards, weblogs and the development of communities of inquiry in

James Farmer provides this longish paper on how weblogs can play their part in facilitating communities of inquiry. I truly believe that weblogs and wikis, if implemented properly, can add value to the entire online learning experience, not only for students but also for instructors. The difficult part is trying to persuade instructors or academic decision makers to try this low-effort but high-presence technology. This paper can surely help in kick-starting the conversation. "The discussion board is the ubiquitous communication tool within these OLEs and hence significantly shapes the kind of communication that takes place. In light of this, the degree to which a successful community of inquiry can be facilitated through the use of discussion boards is examined and compared to the possibilities afforded by weblogs in the same role. Weblogs, it is argued, offer new opportunities in the development of social, cognitive and teacher presence online and should be considered in the development of or alongside established OLEs."

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