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ClickZ: Creating, Contributing Content Catching On

ClickZ: Creating, Contributing Content Catching On

This article analyzes the Pew report on the surge of online content creation.

The Pew report identifies three distinct groups of online content publishers:

  1. The Power creators: Their average age is 25 and they are enthusiastic content creators. They are more likely to use instant messaging, play games, download music, and blog.
  2. Older creators: These experienced users have an average age of 58 and are highly educated, enjoy sharing pictures, and are the most likely of the creator groups to have built their own Web sites. They are also the most likely to have used the Internet for genealogical research.
  3. Content omnivores: The average age of this group is 40 and they are among the heaviest overall users of the Internet. Most are employed; most log on frequently and spend considerable time online doing a variety of activities; and they are likely to have broadband connections at home.

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