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June 2006
Understanding collaborative work through enthnography
OpenCourseware Consortium
Corporate America wakes up to Web 2.0
The Myth Of Creativity
The world needs more foxes and fewer hedgehogs
Goal Based Information Retrieval Experiences
Recording on the iPod Video
Using wikis on the intranet: The British Council case study
Webstock recordings available
The greatest skill of the 21st Century
Words Matter. Talk About People: Not Customers, Not Consumers, Not Users
Succeeding at IA in the enterprise
Good instincts better than good plans
Weekend links
Web 2.0 Has Corporate America Spinning
Wikis—a disruptive innovation
MIT: Innovation Through Design Thinking
Making Wikis Work at Novell
Uses and Potentials of Wikis in the Classroom
Innovation is the New Black
Dogmas Are Meant to be Broken: An Interview with Eric Reiss
Making the Best ‘Right’ Decision