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January 2004
SXSW: Award Finalists, 2004
Wired: Social Nets Not Making Friends
Contentious: Strong Finish: Writing Effective Conclusions
Credit Suisse: Thought Leader Forum
Virginia Postrel: Smart and Pretty
Workforce: This is No Kind of Relationship
HBS Working Knowledge: How Leaders Use Questions
Denham Grey: KM & e-Learning
Dan Gillmor: Online reference to reach milestone
National Learning Network: Paving the way to excellence in e-learning
CBS: Why sleeping on it just might work
Wired: Documentaries Draw on Animation
Discreet: Plasma
destinationKM: Getting Your House in Order
CIO (Asia): Tainted Knowledge vs Tempting Knowledge
Strange Connections: Software for Information Architects
Resrouce: Journal of Digital Contents
CNET: Macromedia lends helping hand
David Krish: Metacognition, Distributed Cognition and Visual Design
IDEO: Extra Special
MarketingProfs: Best Practices and Case Studies: Be Very Afraid
Maas Digital: Mars Exploration Rover
Training Magazine: Building Better Learners
Web writing that works: Resources
Narrative: 2003 in Pictures
Peter-Paul Koch: The Behavior Layer
Fast Company: If He’s So Smart…Steve Jobs, Apple, and the Limits of Innovation
60 Minutes: The Eyes Have It
Fast Company: Help Wanted: a Chief Knowledge Officer
First Monday: Spinning yarns around the digital fire: Storytelling and dialogue among youth on the I
World Bank: E-discussion Toolkit
Courier Mail: Online revenue rush a threat to education
Column Two: Five ways to identify intranet usability issues
Ramana Rao: Leveraging Content in Enterprise Knowledge Processes
Ramana Rao: From Unstructured Data to Actionable Content
William Denton: How to Make a Faceted Classification and Put It On the Web
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