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November 2003
Utah State Univ: Pitch Journal
HBS Working Knowledge: Your New Core Strategy: Employee Retention
Academic Technologies for Learning: The Web: Design for Active Learning
XPLANE: The life cycle of a high-performance workforce
Optimize: Turning Mind Into Matter
IBM DeveloperWorks: The importance of documentation
LTSN: e-learning guides
Xplana: Avoiding Plagiarism in an Online Environment Part I
BodyWorlds and Learning
Learning Circuits: E-Learning Trends 2003
Denham Grey: KM strategy is easy!
Open Source LCMS: ATutor
Xerox PARC: Stolen Knowledge
Masie: Making Sense of Learning Specifications & Standards
Optimize: The Innovator’s Solution
Headshift: KM Europe 2003
We are the Problem: We are selling Snake Oil
Good Experience: The ROSE framework
Emerald Fulltext: Journal of Knowledge Management
ZDNet: ‘Dodgy-dossier syndrome’ rife in the workplace
Gerry McGovern: Information architecture: The intranet gets serious
Blog Wish List: “Related Posts”
Strategy+Business: The Economics of Aesthetics
Online Learning 2003 Webcasts
dKM: Networks and Narratives
eLearn Magazine: Expectations of Privacy
Cnet: Public schools: Why Johnny can’t blog
Tech News World: The Future of Handheld Learning
David Wiley: The Future of Learning Objects
MarketingProfs: Welcome to the Feelings Economy
Boxes and Arrows: Forgotten Forefather: Paul Otlet
Peter J. Bogaards: The interdependence of the structure, information and presentation dimensions
elearningpost: Notes from KM Asia 2003
The Atlantic: The Joy of Style
USA Today: Companies repeat mistake of cutting investment in workers
Fast Company: How MapQuest Gets You From Here to There
Instructive: The making of Lego bricks
Clay Shirky: Work on Networks
Learning Lab Denmark: Games as roadmaps to the knowledge society
Learning Circuits: Learning Strategies
Slashdot: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Information Week: E-Learning On The Fly
Silicon Valley: Adding style to substance
HBS Working Knowledge: Einstein You
elearningpost: Going the “Simulation Way”: Q&A with Clark Aldrich
Digital Web: An interview with Joe Clark
SFMOMA: Interactives
Usability.gov: Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines