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October 2003
eLearn Magazine: A Guided Tour of MIT
Dave Pollard: The future of KM
Patrick Dunn: Partnerships of Indian and Western e-learning producers: cultural issues
Stanford: How Everyday Things Are Made
Boxes and Arrows: Controlled Vocabularies: A Glosso-Thesaurus
Hotdesign: Why tables for layout is stupid:
Keith De La Rue: The Ivory Tower
IBM: Time for change: Innovation in an era of overtime and budget cuts
Howard Rheingold: Stanford Lecture on Smart Mobs
Greg Costikyan: The 300 Games Every Game Developer (and Gamer) Should Know
Institute of Design: Methods
Croner Human Resources: You
Strategy+Business: Colonizers and Consolidators: The Two Cultures of Corporate Strategy
Amazon does text search
Macromedia: Central
Wired: Sim Soars as Learning Tool
New e-learning blog: Dusk and Dawn
David Weinberger: When blogs get really popular
Knowledge at work: Knowledge searching
Information Today: Personas: Setting the Stage                     for Building Usable Inf
Revised Category List
Harvard Working Knowledge: Getting a Handle on Employee Motivation
Merger: Docent and Click2Learn
Jay Cross: Informal Learning: A Sound Investment
Discovery Channel: First Flight
Disability terminology: Preferred words and phrases
David Weinberger: Metadata and Desire
William Bardel: Depth cues for information design
MSNBC: Are Computers Wrecking Schools?
Don Morrison: Strategic vs. Doctrinaire Blending
Digital Web: Think Beyond
BBC: Technology to make you go ‘wow’
Max Design: Floatutorial
Fortune: A Brief History of Management
Macromedia: Breeze Live
Guinness Beer: New bottle design
Wired: Touchy-Feely NASA Effort
Gerry McGovern: Information architecture: webpage mental maps emerge
Lego: Lego Builder
Infovis: The Semantic Web, today
European Business Forum: Business Cartoons
Column Two: The importance of staff induction
Training Magazine: Industry Report 2003
Communication Arts: Interactive Annual 9
Conference: KM Asia 2003
David Weinberger: Tacit emergence
Patrick Lambe: Knowledge and Tragedy: or why we shouldn
Kwork: Preparing for Conversations with Melissie Rumizen
Brian Newman: The Education of the Knowledge Professions
Darwin: Executive Guide on KM
Wired: Military Training Is Just a Game
Gurteen: Innovation in Networks
Denham Grey: Thinking of Knowledge
Mark Bernstein: Hypertext 2.0
Fast Company: Out of the Box
CIO: Knowledge worker productivity: your questions answered
AOK: Star Dialogues
GUUUI: Balancing visual and structural complexity in interaction design
Inc: A Perfect Brainstorm
Information Week: Growing With Knowledge Management
ECC: Learning Objects Competition