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August 2003
Space Daily: Official inquiry accuses NASA managers over Columbia disaster
MIT Tech Review: WhereWare
BBC: Computer game ‘boosts hearing’
Information Week: The Need To Know
Boxes and Arrows: Synonym Rings and Authority Files
Optimize: Should You Be A Chief Creativity Officer?
Cooper: The Origin of Personas
Useit: Usability 101
BBC: Hi-tech tome takes on paperbacks
Intelligent Enterprise: Sharing Leads to Abundance
IBM: Gray matter matters: Preserving critical knowledge in the 21st century
Darwin: Are You Looking in All the Wrong Places?
NY Times Interactive: A Heavy Toll
Yuri Engelhardt: The Language of Graphics
SFGate: Probing tech’s heart Social scientists seek technology’s human side
Wired: Learning to Love PowerPoint
KM Magazine: The ‘‘Other’’ Knowledge
Harvard Working Knowledge: Project Planning: Fuzziness = Failur
Intranet Journal: Gathering Requirements: The Crux of the Matter
Learning Circuits: MotivatingOnline Particpants
UIE: Field Studies: The Best Tool to Discover User Needs
New Book: Knowledge Networks: Innovation through Communities of Practice
CNET: Aus study debunks e-learning myths
MIT Tech Review: India Turns to Community Computing
Common Craft: How I Would Implement Weblogs in Business
Fastrak: Training the e-trainer
Workforce: The Bookstore Battle
Working Knowledge: Cheap, Fast, and In Control: How Tech Aids Innovation
Useit: Information Pollution
MCLI: Syndicating Learning Objects with RSS and Trackback
Gestalt & Typography
BBC: The Life of Mammals
Donald Norman: Emotional Design: People and Things
Poynter: Why Designers Matter
Computer World: Smart Rooms
Learning Circuits: Strategies for Building Blended Learning
Darwin: Science Sites Worth A Look
Darwin: E-Learning Needs Analysis
First Monday: The Augmented Social Network: Building identity and trust into the next-generation Int
Syllabus: Building an Access Ramp to Information Technology
Step Two: Knowledge management for front-line staff
Gerry McGovern: Quality publishing is about saying no
MSNBC: Putting your social contacts to work
HBS Working Knowledge: The Few, the Proud, the In Crowd
elearnspace: If I Wanted to Make Money in Elearning… Here’s what I’d Do
INC: The “4+2 Formula” For Success
CIO: Wireless: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Wired: Educators Turn to Games for Help
DUX Case Studies: Personas: Practice and Theory
Pew Internet & American Life: Daily Internet Activities
Stephen Downes: Design, Standards and Reusability
Interesting terms—“sensemaking” and “cosmology episode”