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July 2003
RFID in Action: LobsterTales.org
Design Process - Just the Essentials
Strategy+Business: How to Win the Information Battle
Adaptive Path: Keep Office Politics Out of Your Design
Just for laughs!
Learning Circuits: How Long Does it Take? Estimation Methods for Developing E-Learning
Harvard Working Knowledge: The Secrets of Successful Idea People
Computer User: Simulation: bringing e-learning to a new level
Gerry McGovern: Seven deadly sins of web writing
Macromedia: Flash Paper
Wired: Web Cliques Too Cool for School
Webmonkey: Metadata, Mark II
elearningpost: New Feature
Planet PDF: Adobe’s Robert McDaniels responds (again) to Nielsen criticisms of PDF
NY Times: In the Lecture Hall, a Geek Chorus
Destination CRM: What Knowledge Management Isn’t
Internet Retailer: Community is out, blogs are in
Digital Web Magazine: The Information Design approach to Web development
Guardian: Mind of a teacher
SIGGRAPH 2003: Web Graphics Expo
Fast Company: Adding Value—but at What Cost?
News.com: Amazon plan allows text searches of many books
Workforce: Don’t Mess With Carly
Redesign in progress
Intranet Journal: Groove and Microsoft Take Office Out of the Office
Graziadio: Learn from Experience
Wired: Making Friendsters in High Places
Boxes and Arrows: The Power of Process, The Perils of Process
USA Today: Online manuals have pros, cons
AIGA: DUX2003 Conference Sessions
eLearn Magazine: Learning through Asynchronous Discussions
Alertbox: PDF: Unfit for Human Consumption
First Monday: The impact of digital games in education
Washington Post: AOL To Launch Blogging Service
Economist: The sentient office is coming
Workforce: Software and Streaming Videos Let Companies Capture What’s Unwritten
BBC Interactives: The Body
Slashdot:  Videogames, Learning, And Literacy
Ubiquity: Why New Ideas are Both Disruptive and Necessary
Syllabus: Course Management Systems and Learning Principles: Getting to Know Each Other
Syllabus: Is the Academy Ready for Learning Objects?
Optimize: The IT Productivity Gap
Matt Mower: Gurteen Knowledge Conference
Stanford University: CourseWork is released as open source
HBS Working Knowledge: Happy Tales: The CEO as Storyteller
elearningpost New Feature: Q&A with Professor Karen Stephenson
Joe Clark: Building Accessible Websites
Knowledge@Wharton: In Search of Serendipity: Bridging the Gap That Separates Technologies and New Ma
Scott McCloud: The Right Number
Training Foundation: Elearning and national culture
Clay Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
Technology Source: RSS: The Next Killer App For Education
GUUUI: Personas and the customer decision-making process
Discover: A Chat Room Like No Other
CIO: Withering Heights
Chief Learning Officer: Pat Crull: Toys
Chief Learning Officer: Six Sigma: Quality Performance
BBC: Online communities get real
W3C:  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
Gerry McGovern: Content management: critical skill of modern manager
HBS Working Knowledge: Loosen Up Your Communication Style