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February 2003
Joshua Kaufman: Guidelines and Design
KM Magazine: The power of people
OpenSourceCMS: Try before you install
Journal of Distance Education: Insights into the Nature of Online Community
KM World: Knowledge on the run: Sales reps, suppliers and customers need mobile access to KM
Wired: Chipping Away at Workers’ Privacy
EContent: Thinking Locally to Communicate Globally: Delivering Content to the World
Boxes and Arrows: Beyond cardsorting: Free-listing methods to explore user categorizations
Cool Stuff From SXSW: Tales on the LEGO Express
Learning Technology: Learning objects metadata: implementations and open issues
Business 2.0: Why Spy?
Useit: Employee Directory Search: Resolving Conflicting Usability Guidelines
Strategy+Business: The Myth of Customer Satisfaction
Silicon Valley: From Demo: 10 technologies to watch
e-learning Guru: e-Learning: Bridging the Apathy Gap
SXSW Awards: 2003 Finalists
Fast Company: The Hard Life and Restless Mind of America’s Education Billionaire
New Scientist: Designed for life
elearnspace: Geroge Siemens Interview: ME!
Living Networks: Chapter 6 - Network Presence: Harnessing the Flow of Marketing, Customer Feedback,
Cancerfacts.com: Training more important than volume for mammograms
Harvard Working Knowledge: Lights, Camera, Presentation! Liven Up Boring Meetings With Video
Silicon.com: E-learning-will its day ever come?
Webword: Talking About the Elements of User Experience
MSNBC: Microsoft Gets a Clue From Its Kiddie Corps
IT Training: An in-depth interview with the Classroom
IBM: Challenges in managing organizational knowledge
Dan Gillmor: Google Buys Pyra: Blogging Goes Big-Time
InfoWorld: E-learning hits Web services books
IBM: Trust and knowledge sharing: A critical combination
Gerry McGovern: Building successful brands on the Web
Yahoo! Finance: NIIT Acquires CognitiveArts
Guardian Interactives: US War Plans
New Architect: Are You Cultured?
Cool Learning: Firefighter protective clothing tour
Learning Circuits: The Hype on Hyperstories
User Interface 7 West: 5 Things To Know About Users
HR Gateway: CIPD: E-learning ‘shows potential not performance’
Marketing Profs: 8 Steps to Creating an Infectious Business
Boxes and Arrows: What’s Your Idea of a Mental Model?
MIS: Learning with a capital E
Emerald Fulltext: Journals of the Week
BBC: Computers take over the classroom
Boston Globe:A Nation of Voyeurs
Educause: Disruption in Education
Business2.0: The Garage That Saved Whirlpool’s Soul
KM World: A KM Oversight Structure
KM World: KM and Anonymity
NY Times: Sony Again Turns to Design to Lift Electronics
CNET: Test.com puts Web patent up for sale
Fastrak: Open access - your flexible friend
DM Review: Deploying the Next-Generation Enterprise Portal
MSNBC: The Theory and Practice of the Internet
Syllabus: Putting a Faculty Face on Distance Education Programs
Knowledge@Wharton: Why Some Companies Retrain Workers, and Others Lay Them Off
eLearn Magazine: Designing for Learners, Designing for Users
UIWEB: How to run a design critique
Harvard eLearning: ManageMentor Demo
NixLog: Columbia Disaster Infographics
Inf@Vis!: Visualising Social Interaction
Working Knowledge: Seven Tips for Communicating in Today’s Diverse Workplace
Washington Technology: Report: E-Learning breaking down barriers in Africa
NY Times: How to Get Inside a Student’s Head
elearnspace: Content Management: Our Organized Future
MIT Tech Review: Science Fiction and Smart Mobs
CNet: Blogs open doors for developers