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January 2003
Knowledgeboard: Playing with the past
Transform Magazine: Find an Answer in E-Learning
Wired: Students Called on SMS Cheating
Workforce: Three Stories of Self-Service Success
infed.org: The
e-learning for kids: Zap
University of Minnesota: The Elements of Digital Storytelling
WIRED: Not Your Father’s Encyclopedia
SRI-BI: Survey on Quality and Effectiveness in eLearning
Strategy+Business: The Internal Impact of External Branding
The Chronicle: The Virtual Lab Experiment
National Post: Study says boys do read, they just don’t read books
Leader to Leader Institute: Innovation as a Deep Capability
Learning Circuits: What Works
INC: Motivating Employees
Technology Review: Creating a Culture of Ideas
AdaptivePath: Face to Face With Your Users: Running a Nondirected Interview
Optimize Magazine: Working Smarter Takes Work
eLearn Magazine: Predictions for 2003
Fast Company: Desire: Connecting With What Customers Want
CIO: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Community
Wired: This Is Your Business, Virtually
Pipeline & Gas Journal: Enterprise Training System Is Trans-Alaska Pipeline’s Latest Safety Innovati
Boxes and Arrows: Visible Narratives: Understanding Visual Organization
MASIE Center: The MASIE Center visits Consumer Electronics Show
MarketingProfs: Napsterize Your Knowledge: Give To Receive
Cornell Daily: Fathoming the Future of eLearning
CSM: Deep thinkers missing in action
Alertbox: Recruiting Test Participants for Usability Studies
Line56: Forging a High-Performance Supply Chain Through E-Learning
eLearn Magazine: Preliminary Heuristics for the Design and Evaluation of Online Communities of Pract
Gerry McGovern: Self-service requires people to deliver full benefit
Emirates: Keep Discovering
National Library of Australia: Ask Now!
Digital Web Magazine: Building Intranets that Matter
Wired: Who Says Science Can’t Be Fun?
Guardian Unlimited: UK adopts program to detect e-plagiarism
Online Community Report: Interview with Alexis Johnson, Epinions
Cooper: Making Your Design Real:
Fast Company: In Praise of the Purple Cow
Infoworld: Blogs refine enterprise focus
Cool Infographic: Iraq Navigator
Learning Circuits: The Auditory Advantage
Business Week: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Charts
Working Knowledge: The Subconscious Mind of the Consumer (And How To Reach It)
Boss Magazine: The 15 Year Itch
World Bank: Communities of Practice
The Chronicle: A Group Offers Model Licenses for Free Sharing of Scholarly Material
CLO Magazine: Organizational Assessments: Aligning Learning with Strategic Directions
CLO Magazine: Assessing Learning Management Systems
NetImperative: Dismay as BBC gets e-learning go-ahead
Intelligent KM: Putting the “E” in Corporate Training
elearning Magazine: What’s Wrong With Distance Learning?
elearning Magazine: Where oh Where is Plug & Play?
Law.com: Online Law School’s First Grads
Cool Design: Invention at Play
KMPro: Five Tips to Reduce Knowledge Loss
Elearn Magazine: Teamrooms: Tapping the Collaborative Learning Advantage
NY Times: Columbia’s Internet Concern Will Soon Go Out of Business
KMWorld: Expertise location and the learning organization
CMSWatch: Value of Organized Knowledge
Workforce: Building Business Value Through
Syllabus: Designing for Learning: The Pursuit of Well-Structured Content
Technology Source: Knowledge Environment for Web-based Learning (KEWL)
Technology Source: The Bazaar Online Conference System: Athabasca University’s Alternative to Propri
HOT Labs: Usability Testing: Myths, Misconceptions and Misuses
Computer World: Costs negate e-learning ROI
CRM: Recipe for Success
P2P: In-Room Chat as a Social Tool
Technical Standards: Worst Manual Awards 2002