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October 2002
CIO: The Dangers of Efficiency
Jay Cross: eLearning is NOT important
eLearn Magazine: Playing to Learn: Blending Learning with Stories, Games, Toys, and Simulations
eLearn Magazine: The Best of the Best
Business Courier: ‘Special librarians’ handle research
The Chronicle: Phoenix Rises
University of Kentucky: The Comic Book Periodic Table
Learning Circuits: Transitioning Technical Instructors to the Web
W3C: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
Mercury News: Tools coming for connecting information
FlashSim: How to Build Product Simulations with Flash MX
CIO: Fed Up with Feedback
Digital Web Magazine: Client Centered Design
Learning Circuits: E-Learning: The Second Wave
Sydney Morning Herald: E-learning will be par for the course
NY Times: Your Mentor in Cyberspace Is Standing By Now
T&D: Breaking through e-barriers
LLRX: “Show Me the Money” - Measuring the Return on KM
Learning Circuits: Wearing Four Pairs of Shoes: The Roles of E-Learning Facilitators
eLearn Magazine: Support in a Distance Education Environment
Information Research: The duality of knowledge
Content Village: e-learning resources
Forbes: The Psychology Of Success
CETIS: “SCORM is not for everyone”- ADL responds
NetImperative: BBC admits misleading court over e-learning claims
GUUUI: InfoRomanticism on the Internet
Education Unlimited: At a distance
Nua Surveys: College staff use Net to prepare coursework
IT & Society: The Impact of Internet Use on Sociability: Time-Diary Findings
Business 2.0: The Management Secrets of the Brain
Boxes and Arrows: Consolidated Assessment:
Hot Text: Hurray for FAQs
IT-Analysis: Managing the knowledge worker
Information Week: The Next Web
Intranet Journal: Communicating Clearly with Internal Customers
The Chronicle: Electronic Books Have a Supporting Role in a Play at Ball State U.
Salon: Riding along with the Internet Bookmobile
User Interface Engineering: Making Tips Work
IT Training: Don
CNET: MIT tries free Web education
Information Week: E-Training Equips Rescue Workers
KM.GOV: KM Quick: A KM Tool for Government Practitioners
Stephen Downes: Design Principles for a Distributed Learning Object Repository Network
The Chronicle: Looking Online First
Dilbert Does Interface Design
First Monday: Hypertext Links: Whither Thou Goest, and Why
NucleusReseach: e-learning best corporate investment in 2002
elearnspace: Interaction
WIRED: Helping Cooks Unsalt Their Game
EContent:  The Siren Song of Structure: Heeding the Call of Reusability
CNET: Yahoo heralds corporate messaging
New Scientist: Designed for life
Sydney Morning Herald: E-learning finally gets on its running shoes
Intranet Journal: Encouraging End User Self Sufficiency
Syllabus: The Brave New World of Wireless Technologies: A Primer for Educators
Forbes ASAP: Welcome to Feedback Universe
Wired: Encyclopedia of the New Economy
elearn Magzaine: Dead Trainer Walking
IT Training: It
IT-Director: The future of e-learning - Part 1
Darwin: The Workday Web
WIRED: Reality Check for Web Design
CETIS: Dan Rehak: “SCORM is not for everyone”
Carnegie Mellon: SCORM Best Practices Guide for Content Developers
Transform Magazine: Content at Your Fingertips: Better Ways to Classify & Tag
New Architect: Demystifying Document Management
MIT: OpenCourseware Pilot
Patti Shank: Flash MX: Serious Instructional Authoring Tool?
KM Magazine: Interview with Kar Wiig
Nua Surveys:  The Great Educator
Converge Magazine: New Technologies In Education
Wired: Stretching Minds, Bodies in Class