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September 2002
KM World: Knowledge transformation
elearning Magazine: Moving the Camera
User Interface 7 East: Getting from Research to Personas: Harnessing the Power of Data
Seattlepi: Redmond center previews Microsoft’s vision for future office
PopTech: Interview with Howard Rheingold
A List Apart: Scope Creep
TechLearn: Putting the Management in Learning Management Systems
Sydney Morning Herald: How to make e-learning interesting
Online Learning 2002 Update
Ubiquity: The New Computing
Syllabus: Ready or Not—PDAs in the Classroom
Syllabus: New Learning Spaces: Smart Learners, Not Smart Classrooms
Conference Blogging: Online Learning 2002
Animation Express: Distance Learning
elearningage: Quality and eLearning in Europe
BBC: Learn for free online
elearn Magazine: Developing Your e-Learning for Your Learners
Content-Exchange: Long and Literary Magazine Learns to Publish in the Shortness of the Web
IBM: Using social network analysis to improve knowledge creation and sharing
Learning Circuits: The E-Learning Industry
Elmundo: Multimedia Gallery
Gerry McGovern: Information architecture: using card sorting for web classification design
elearning Magazine: Content at the Speed of Light
ERIC Digest: Knowledge Management in Instructional Design
I3 Update: The 3Cs of Knowledge Sharing:
SMH: Queensland e-learning out of the cradle but still in nappies
Knowinc: KM definitions
Darwin: Cutting Classes
Boxes and Arrows: Inconspicuous Consumption: Lessons for Web Design from Mall and Retail Design
Usabililty SIG: Usability checklist for e-learning
The Chronicle: Students Embrace the Internet, but Not as Replacement to Classrooms, Study Finds
Marketingprofs: Top Tips to Write a Persuasive Case Study
CETIS: Learning content. Theirs, yours, mine and ours.
TIME: Gearing Up For School
Sessions: The ILUs are here!
Shirky: Broadcast Institutions, Community Values
CNET: McDonald’s pays to play with Sims
Learning Circuits: Explaining E-Learning to Executives
Fastrak: The great experiment
Tech Learning: Mentored Learning
Design Interact: the Challenge of Developing Online Learning Materials
CRM Assist: E-learning and Integration Projects Best for Roi
Suite101: Are Your Virtual Classes as Successful as They Could Be?
Adaptive Path: Site Navigation: A Few Helpful Definitions
Training Magazine: Play it Again Sam…
Elliott Masie: Get your skates on for e-learning success
First Monday: Children’s Use of New Technology for Picture-Taking
WIRED: Unplugged U.
Mappa Mundi: Demystifying Metadata
Jay Cross: Being Objective
WIRED: Thin Line Splits Cheating, Smarts
Time: A Swarm of Little Notes
Boxes and Arrrows: The Tool Makes the (Wo)Man
The Chronicle: Macromedia Cuts Prices for Volume Purchases by Colleges
eWeek: A Futuristic Library
DM Review: The Intelligence in E-Mail: Are You Ready to Listen?
PC Magazine: From Chaos to Control
McKinsey Quarterly: Helping employees embrace change
Nua Surveys: Canadian school kids do homework online
KM World: Personal toolkit: Knowledge tools need to be personal, not personalized
Useit: Ten Best Intranets of 2002
CLO Magazine: The CLO
Slashdot: Software for Online Courses?
Slashdot: Distance Education - Pros and Cons?
WIRED: When Text Messaging Turns Ugly
Sydney Morning Herald: Getting smart with e-learning
The Chronicle: Jones Knowledge Will Give Away Its Course-Management Software
Transform Magazine: Find The Experts
WIRED: Of PowerPoint and Pointlessness
ZD Net: Simulation may be the e-learning “killer app”
The Technology Source: The Next Killer App in Education:
The Technology Source: Extending the Pedagogy of Threaded-Topic Discussions
Gerry McGovern: Information architecture: learning how to classify
Steve Denning: The Squirrel
CIO: Underwriting Knowledge
Theban Mapping Project: Atlas of the Valley of the Kings