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August 2002
Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto
eLearn Magazine: Q&A with Don Norman
WIRED: Schools, Tech: Still Struggling
Darwin Magazine: The Blog Days of Summer
WIRED: Virtual Degrees Virtually Tough
ClickZ: Why Should I Read Your ‘Important’ Text?
KM World: KM: a source of practical solutions to emerging government needs
Learning Circuits: Taking an E-Learning Project Across Borders
The Malofiej-awards 2002: Award Categories
Boxes and Arrows: MSWeb: An Enterprise Intranet #1
Training Magazine: Welcome to ACME Inc.
Library Journal: Digital Libraries: Free as a Bird: Wireless Networking Libraries
Pepperdine University: Encourage Your Employees to Play
WIRED: Where Cheaters Often Prosper
Red Herring: Is our children learning?
KM World: The 99 cent KM Solution
Business 2.0: Blogging for Dollars
Ray Ozzie:  Employee Weblog Policy
KM World: Starting with the basics: KM for lawyers
ZDNet: E-learning comes to CRM
The Chronicle: Distance-Education Alliance Backed by Oxford, Stanford, and Yale Will Offer Courses t
NY Times: Palmtops in the Operating Room
The Royal Tropical Insitute:  KM Toolbox
David Weinberger: Three Precepts of Digital Rights Management
User Interface 7 East: Cooper’s Approach to Personas: An Interview with Kim Goodwin
Macromedia:  Using Macromedia Flash MX learning interactions
Workforce: Measuring the ROI of e-learning
A List Apart: 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web
MSNBC: The coming HDTV revolution
NY Times: Wired Students Prefer Campus News on Paper
HBS Working Knowledge: Internet2: Time to Shed Dot Vertigo
Learning Circuits: Building Communities—Strategies for Collaborative Learning
Macromedia: eLearning Innovation Awards Program
Stephen’s Web: New Directions
elearning Magazine: The ABCs of E-learning
Pew Internet Project: The Digital Disconnect: The widening gap between Internet-savvy students and t
Column Two: Area Health Service project
elearningspace: Learning With Confidence
Boxes and Arrows: Small Pieces, Big Thoughts
New Book: How People Learn:Brain, Mind, Experience, and School
NY Times: A Campus for Collaboration, at a Billion Bits Per Second
WIRED: A D-Minus for Computer Exams
Cool Infographic: FastCompany’s New Look
Intelligent KM: Serving Knowledge
Extreme Tech: MS LearningXP: .Net Meets E-Learning
Microsoft: Fundamentals of Designing User Interaction
WIRED: HyperCard Forgotten, but Not Gone
Syllabus: University of Texas at Austin: Simulated Workplace Builds Skills, Confidence
Syllabus: A Moving Target: eLearning Vendors Take Aim in a Changing Environment
The Chronicle: A New Handbook Examines Online Learning From a Psychological Perspective
WIRED: Born Digital
Learning Circuits: Blended Learning Models
HBS Working Knowledge: Knowledge Management Just-in-Time
elearn Magazine: What Is “Usable” e-Learning?
Digital Web Magazine: Smarter Content Publishing
Context Magazine: The Seven Myths of Knowledge Management
Workforce: HR Cost Cutting: How Technology Makes Little Savings Add Up
eWeek: Getting an Answer Is One Thing, Learning Is Another
NY Times: The Ancient Art of Haranguing Has Moved to the Internet
TECHNOS: Personal Media and the Human Community
Ray Ozzie: Why “collaboration”?
elearning Magazine: Find Jobs, Track Industry Health on the Internet
Training Magazine: Intuitive Intelligence Can Transform Business
vnunet: Academic calls for UK e-learning standard
Federal Times: Central E-Learning Program Pushes Aside Popular System
First Monday: Intercultural Challenges in Networked Learning: Hard Technologies Meet Soft Skills
Webmonkey: Web Standards for Hard Times
HBS Working Knowledge: Understanding the Process of Innovation
The Chronicle: The Power of Portals
Fast Company: How to SMASH Your Strategy
WIRED: Who Needs Paper? Not Iowa College
Stephen Downes:E-Learning In Crisis
Learning Circuits:A Clear Picture of Focus Groups
Certificate Magazine: CertMag
Useit: Making the Physical Environment Interactive
CETIS: The bottom line: effective learning versus low per unit cost.
Clive Shepherd:Hosting the e-learning party
Elliott Masie: Why I
WIRED: College Archives ‘Dig’ Deeper
Online Learning Magazine: SCORM: Clarity or Calamity?
Step Two: Benefits of a KM framework
Blogroots: Using Blogs in Business
IBM Developer Works: Progress indication
Learning Circuits: How to Manage the E-Learning Development Team
ZDNet: PeopleSoft acquires e-learning company
McKinsey Quarterly: Loosening up: How process networks unlock power of specialization
Inc.com: IM Is Here. RU Ready 2 Try It?