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July 2002
EContent: Corporate Learning Gets Digital
User Interface 7 East: Design for Community: An Interview with Derek M. Powazek
The Chronicle: Learning 24-7
Report: Traffic to Education and University Web Sites Soars as Fall Semester Nears
Cooper Newsletter: Bridging the gap with requirements definition
LearnScope Community: Discussion on blogs in education
KM Magazine: Wired for Collaboration
IT-Training: Is online learning really student friendly?
HBS Working Knowledge: Time Pressure and Creativity: Why Time is Not on Your Side
New Architect: The Culture of Usability
elearn Magazine: Staying the Course
Mass Tech: What will it take for e-learning to reach potential market size?
Mark Pilgrim: Dive Into Accessibility
MarketingProfs: Copy & Content: Why They Should Work Together
Training & Development Magazine: The “Delta Force” of E-Learning at Cisco
IRRODL: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of e-learning in Corporate Training Programs
Meta blog on learning and education: Seblogging
Jill Walker: Links and Power: The Political Economy of Linking on the Web
Federal Computer Week: OPM opens online learning center
CETIS: Reference Section
Cool Resource: ROI Calculator
WIRED: Study: Brains Want to Cooperate
Time: The College Crunch
CNET: IBM, Thomson partner for e-learning
The Chronicle: Censorship Charge
Information Week: Are You Blogging Yet?
Boxes and Arrows: You Are Here: Maps 101
LineZine: Cultural Adaptation: Necessity for Global eLearning
LineZine: Start Measuring Your eLearning Programs Now
Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks: July 2002 Issue
Oracle Learning: Think.com
HBS Working Knowledge: Your Company Strategy
Web Style Guide: 2nd Edition
Learning Circuits: Getting the Most from Your SMEs
Training Magazine: Intuitive Intelligence Can Transform Business
WIRED: A Flashy Web Communication Tool
Mercury News: High-tech hangout turns amateurs into digital video pros
Electric News: E-learning execs perform self-examination
CyberAtlas: Canadians Ready for E-Learning
The Chronicle: House Committee Votes to Ease Copyright Restrictions on Distance Education
MIT: What on Earth Happened to the Computer Revolution in Education?
Washington Post: Point. Click. Think?
Strategy+Business: Relearning e-Learning: Three Principles for Success
Fast Company: In a Word, Toyota Drives for Innovation
Michael Helfrich: Technology Confined Collaboration?
MIT Press: Ontologies Come of Age
KM World: Imparting knowledge through storytelling, Part 2
Federal Computer Week: E-learning center set to go live
Silicon.com: BBC e-learning plans ‘will cost business
KM Magazine: Book review: The Wealth of Knowledge
CIO: KM the Right Way
Learning Circuits: Knowledge Transfer Networks
IBM Developer Works: Information architecture concepts
HBS Working Knowledge: Five Keys to Successful Teams
eLearning Magazine: Learning Perspectives: Slow Down, You Move too Fast
eLearning Magazine: Foreign Faux Pas
eWeek: Web Conference Call
New Architect: The Culture of Usability
ALBA: Conference Proceedings
Another Enron Infographic: Enron101
CNet: Think you can run Enron? Play the game
Inf@Vis: Knowledge and Information Architecture
Learning Circuits: A Field Guide to Learning Objects
Allison Rossett: Just elarning jargon?
eLearn Magazine: E-learning, Online Learning, Web-based Learning, or Distance Learning
Fast Company: There Is No Alternative to ...
ZDNet: Flash! Macromedia tools speak up
eWeek: IT Training Funds Dry Up
EuropeMedia:  27m ‘e-workers’ in Europe by 2010
ClickZ: Content for Kids
The Chronicle: Do Libraries Really Need Books?
Nua Surveys: Europeans unimpressed with elearning
Harvard Business Review: Sharpening the Focus of Focus Groups
Useit: User Empowerment and the Fun Factor
USDLA Journal: A Model for Blended Learning
Educational Technology Review: Special Issue: Accessibility…An Integral Part of Online Learning
Apple Guide Complete: Designing and Developing Onscreen Assistance
Gerry McGovern: Demystifying content management
Darwin: Why Aren’t We Collaborating?
eLearn Magazine: Do You Really Need Reusability?
Cyber India Online: Promoting eLearning calls for cultural shift
Boxes and Arrows: Users In The Development Cycle: Effective Project Communication
The Chronicle: ‘Superarchives’ Could Hold All Scholarly Output
Line56: E-Learning Poised for Growth
DM Review: Data Rich, but Information Poor?
IBM developerWorks: Everything I need to know about usability, I learned at the arcade
Technology Source: Making Online Information Accessible to Students with Disabilities
Technology Source: Is There a Strad in Your Attic? Engaging Students in Active Online Learning
Brooke Broadbent: Sample chapter
Cool Infographic: Competitive Advantage
Syllabus: Campus Portals: Future Hope, Past History, or More Hype?
Fastrak-consulting: Speaking in Tounges
Economist: Instant messaging joins the firm
WIRED: Harriet the Online Book Reviewer
MSNBC: Wiring the New Docs
eLearn: How to Design Recyclable Learning Objects
KMMag: Five reasons people don’t tell what they know
Peterme: Interview with social network researcher Valdis Krebs