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June 2002
Korea Herald: Knowledge management sweeping Korea’s corporate landscape
FT: E-learning alliance bears fruit
The Chronicle: Al Gore Pushes Community Development Through a Satellite Course
TaskZ: Usability Testing: You Get What You Pay For
Callcenter Magazine: The Power Of KM
Sydney Morning Herald: E-learning can be used to improve existing training programs
Boxes and Arrows: Computer Human Values
Tom Peters: Interview with David Weinberger
Learning Circuits: How MIT’s OpenCourseWare Will Change E-Learning
AJET: Designing real life cases to support authentic design activities
BBC: Digital characters learn to move
Infographic Examples: BrainPOP
Intranet Journal: IBM Looks to Provide Intranets With Out-of-the-Box Content
The Chronicle: International Consortium Readies Ambitious Distance-Education Effort
Strategy+Business: Professor Chandler
Learning Circuits: Blended Training: Prerequisites and Purple Monkeys
Learning Circuits: From E-Learning Failure to E-Learning Redemption
Workforce: How Teaching Employees to Be Trainers Pays Off
O’Reilly: What We’re Doing When We Blog
Center for Business Innovation: Connected Innovation
USA News: E-learn and earn
Certification Magazine: Simulations: Virtual reality for Certification
WIRED: Teachers Wanna Hold a Handheld
Darwin: I was a KM Cheerleader
Inforworld: Knowledge management offers hope for homeland security
Information Week: BMW uses virtual classroom for E-learning
Strategy+Business: Why Know-Who Trumps Know-How
CBJ: E-learning can be effective worksite training tool
KMOL: Art Kleiner: Interview
CNN: Chalkboards slowly erased from schools
Infographic Example: Enron 101
ATT Labs-Research:  The role of face-to-face communication in distributed work
NECC 2002 Progam: Research Papers
Computer World: Putting Communities To Work
Training Magazine: Overcoming Student Learning Difficulties
Yahoo News: Report identifies three principles to guide e-learning providers away from early mistake
Cisco iQ: The New Classroom
MIS: Smart ways to handle dummies
Fast Company: How to Design the Perfect Product
I3 Update: Organizational Mapping: Knowing the Pitfalls
e-JIST: Research in Online Learning Community
Guardian Unlimited: Universities learn the lexicon of business
Business2.0: Inside the (Twisted) Mind of the Average Consumer
The Chronicle: Stronger Students Benefit More From Online Course, Texas Study Finds
Information Week: An E-Learning Lesson: If At First You Don’t Succeed
Dan Bricklin: Small Players Matter
Syllabus Magazine: Planning and Implementing Instructional Video
Learning Bites: Cultural adaptation - a necessity for e-learning
The Chronicle: Online Education’s Drawbacks Include Misunderstood E-Mail Messages, Panelists Say
O’Reilly: Seeing and Tuning Social Networks
InfoWorld: E-learning companies SmartForce, SkillSoft combine
Smart Business: Inside Information
Smart Business: The Cult of Community
Macromedia: Creating Learning Objects with Macromedia Flash MX
USA Today: Web ‘toons are starting to show more animation
e-learning Magazine: Blended Basics
e-learning Magazine: Measure the Metrics
News.com: An e-learning player on the funding game
Useit: Reduce Redundancy: Decrease Duplicated Design Decisions
e-learning Magazine: Final Analysis
Design For Community: How moderation tools can backfire
Guardian Unlimited: Universities learn the lexicon of business
WIRED: Blogging Goes Legit, Sort Of
ASPNews: E-learning Evolves to ASP
Johan Aberg: Live Help Systems:
First Monday: Open Source Intelligence
Scientific American: 2002 Web Awards
IT Training: If it
Virtual University Gazette: Why Does
WIRED: Read The F***ing Story,
Shorewalker: Gause and Weinberg show
eLearn Magazine: What’s Important in
Fastrak-Consulting: Becoming an online media
Science News Online: The Social
Gerry McGovern: J R R
Online Learning Magazine: Confessions of
CIO: Knowledge Management Takes Community
Intranet Journal: Using Usability to
Goodexperience.com: Managing Incoming E-mail: What